Choral music has always been my greatest love. It completely envelopes my senses, and sometimes so much so that I feel a tingling down my back and at the ends of my fingertips. When you find something you love that much you do what you can to fill your life with it. In whatever way I can, I hope I can help new listeners hear it the way I do: filled with magic, expression, and deep emotion.

This passion has manifested in a several projects:

  • Concanenda, a choir based in England focused on promoting choral music through experiential design, cross-genre collaborations, recorded music, film, and digital engagement. The choir’s singers were originally drawn from Cambridge University’s chapel choirs.

  • Concanenda Ltd a digital start-up incepted in 2012 focused on creating accessibility to choral music through digital media.

  • The Baby Whisperer, a starter guide for mothers who want to play classical music to their children.

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choir (also known as a quirechorale or chorus) is a musical ensemble of singers. Most choirs are led by a conductor, who leads the performances with arm and face gestures. The genre of music sung by a choir is called choral music.

The oldest unambiguously choral repertory that survives is that of Ancient Greece: Delphic hymns from the 2nd century BC. The earliest notated music of western Europe is Gregorian chant. The tradition of unison choir singing started sometime between the times of St. Ambrose (4th century) and Gregory the Great (6th century) and evolved later in the Middle Ages to a new type of singing involving multiple melodic parts. The first evidence of polyphony in which there are apparent divisi, one part dividing into two simultaneously sounding notes was found in the Old Hall Manuscript (14th century).

Concanenda   , Spring 2014

Concanenda, Spring 2014

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Choral Starter Kit

If you were to start your choral journey right here, right now: this playlist is where I would point you. It holds some of my favorite tracks of all time but also some utterly gorgeous pieces I think could very quickly show the emotional and intense beauty which can be found spanning the choral eras.

Choral Favorites

If you are one who prefers albums to playlists then look no further. This is a list of a few of my all time favorite choral albums. Brilliantly performed with excellent ensemble balance of some of the most favored choral music across the eras. Rather than ask which, ask where to begin…