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Life is long and I believe we should try to enjoy every second of it.

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Alaska, USA // The Road to Somewhere

Have you ever taken a really huge breath, the kind that fills every part of you, you hold it tight, lips sealed shut, and right when you are about to burst, you jump? 

That’s what this felt like.

But instead of shutting my eyes, afraid of what comes next, I kept em wide open and watched in utter awe as the world began to glisten around me. ...

Hainan Island, China // Embracing Fear

It's these moments, more than any others, that I treasure. ...These moments where I'm overwhelmed by fear, I both learn something valuable about myself but also in how I react to the world around me.

I take the deepest breath I can muster. Hold it tight. Let it go. And am renewed. ...

Angkor Wat, Cambodia // 3 Days


Melbourne, Australia // 24hrs                                                 

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Riga, Latvia // Focused Pursuit

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Bangkok, Thailand // Muay Thai

Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island, Canada // Finding the Mark

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Sydney, Australia // 24hrs

London, UK // Finding Home

 It's started with a whim and before I knew it, I had found home.

St Andrews 2010-7.JPG

St Andrews, Scotland // Along the Water's Edge

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